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Welcome to Tone Barre!

At Tone Barre we believe that fitness can be powerful … for the mind, for the body + for the spirit. We offer barre and indoor cycling classes so whether you're looking for intense fat-burning cardio, a full-body toning workout, or something in between, we’ve got classes & AMAZING instructors ready to help you surpass your fitness goals. Let your inner dance diva loose in our Tone Cycle class (calm down it’s in the dark so even if you don’t think you got moves, it’s cool) while torching fat and toning that lower body. We even email your personal ride results after each class to help you track performance and calories burned. Our signature Tone Barre class will work your whole body to tone arms, flatten abs, thin thighs, sculpt calves, and lift the seat (and to be honest who doesn’t want a perkier rear end?) From cardio to strength training we’ve got your back in creating a fitter (yes we made that up), healthier and happier YOU! We’re pretty passionate about what we do which is what makes our workouts so effective, our energy so infectious and our classes so kick-ass!


  • Love love love taking barre classes here! All of the instructors are fun, friendly and SUPER motivating. When I first started coming I was pretty weak sauce...I couldn't hold a plank for 30 seconds! Now I can do the 90 seconds without dropping to my knees. Even though they're group classes, you still get some one on one attention to help form/technique. I've been coming since the beginning of the year and feel so much stronger!

    Alison H

  • I have been going to Tone Barre for over 3 years now and still find it challenging. This studio has seen me through two pregnancies and all the recovery afterwards to get my body back in shape. I highly recommend them to everyone because the instructors are very motivating, the owners are very sweet and understanding and the workouts constantly keep me on my toes, literally.

    Colette A.

  • I have been attending for over 2 years and I was never a fan of group classes. In fact I was a bit skeptical at first that they would be challenging enough. But I became a huge fan and have been attending 5-6 days a week on average. Clearly they are addicting. The workouts are consistently challenging and it is a great positive environment. I have been through some challenging stressful times and these workouts saw me through this. They had such a great impact to relieve the stress and give me a great workout. The instructors are helpful and motivating and I just can’t say enough good things about it.

    Miriana R

  • Love, love Tone Barre! For starters, this is an amazing workout! Every class has been challenging, unique and I leave feeling amazing. Secondly, the teachers here are seriously awesome! They have great energy and go the extra mile, pushing you to make it through each rep as well as correcting your form, if needed. I have been attending classes for over 3 years now and I can't say enough about the studio!

    Analise K

  • All the instructors are great! They are welcoming right when you enter the studio til the moment you leave. These fabulous ladies are approachable when asking a question or need modifications. This is the best workout and they keep it fresh by adding new routines and props, gotta love those props!

    Karla F

  • I've been going to Tone Barre for about 2 years now, and it's really changed my life! I've lost about 20 lbs over the two years w/a combo of eating better and consistently going to Barre! It's a family atmosphere, the instructors get to know you, and care about you and your health. I feel completely comfortable asking them about my technique/form, and they always have good modifications for me when I'm struggling w/certain poses. It's addicting, and always makes me come back for more! I also love that there are 2 locations, and they are near my work, so I can go workout right after work!

    Jennifer Q.

  • I am a SAHM and was looking for a place to spend once a week for me time plus I was looking for a way to help deal with the post baby weight. I stubbled upon Tone Barre, I was hooked after one class. It is the highlight of my week and even though I am going once a week I was seeing a noticeable difference in a month.
    The instructors are really nice and friendly, but push you doing the workout to do the best that you can. The classes are small so they can easily take the time to correct your technique and help you if you are having issues with a particular move.

    Grace C.

  • Tone Barre is great! The instructors are enthusiastic and fun and the workout is awesome. The first class was really hard but I'm glad I came back because I love it! Its so much fun and I always feel great after the class is finished. : )

    Alyce M.


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  • 2076 N Tustin St Orange, CA 92865
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