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Welcome to Tone Barre!

At Tone Barre you will find high intensity, low impact barre and indoor cycling classes. Whether you're looking for intense fat-burning cardio, a full-body toning workout, or something in between, we’ve got classes & AMAZING instructors ready to help you surpass your fitness goals. Oh yah, and our classes are appropriate for EVERY fitness level! Seriously…even if it’s been years since you’ve worked out (yup we know because we get this question all the time! You aren’t the only one deciding your workout hiatus has to come to an end).

Let your inner dance diva loose in our Tone Cycle class (calm down it’s in the dark so even if you don’t think you got moves, it’s cool) while torching fat and toning that lower body. We even email your personal ride results after each class to help you track performance and calories burned.

Our signature Tone Barre class will work your whole body to tone arms, flatten abs, thin thighs, sculpt calves, and lift the seat (and to be honest who doesn’t want a perkier rear end?) And we aren’t like every barre studio out there…we fully believe in continuing to raise the barre, which means unique props (yup we’re doing things no one else is), innovative exercises and changing choreography! If you’ve never taken a barre class and these props make you nervous, don’t sweat it as you can always ditch the prop being used for an easier option.

From cardio to strength training we’ve got your back in creating a fitter (yes we made that up), healthier and happier YOU! We’re pretty passionate about what we do which is what makes our workouts so effective, our energy so infectious and our classes so kick-ass! So are you ready to book your first class or what?


  • 790 N Brea Blvd Brea, CA 92821
  • phone: (714) 337-9553
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  • 2076 N Tustin St Orange, CA 92865
  • phone: (714) 337-9553
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