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So you might be a little smelly after class but not before! Please be aware that those around you might be allergic to perfumes and while body odor is definitely all-natural, it most likely isn’t something your neighbor wants to smell. We have complimentary anti-persperant in the bathroom for those OMG-I-forgot-deodorant type of days.

Please no tucking + texting We know the thought of being detached from your phone for an hour is super scary but we promise it’s good for the mind to unplug for a while. We do understand there is a need for some of you to keep your phone with you (you know if you fit into this category or not…small children at home, on call for work, etc.,) but please step out of class into the reception area to respond to a call or text during class.

If you need to leave class early you totally can but tell your instructor prior to the start of class so we don’t worry about you!

You may enter class up to five minutes late but beyond that we cannot have you take class for your safety and the safety of everyone else in class.

Minors must be 15 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for their first class.

We do not offer childcare. We believe you when you say your child will be really well behaved on an ipad during class but we still cannot have little ones in the studio during class for safety and liability reasons. THE ONLY exception to this policy is during our BYOB {Bring Your Own Baby} barre classes! During those classes only moms are able to bring their non-mobile infants (newborn to pre-crawling) with them to class in a carrier. Please note that strollers are not allowed on the workout floor for sanitary reasons.


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