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This is how we roll…


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your first class! This is imperative so we have enough time to get you checked into class and explain a few pertinent items so you can have the best workout ever at Tone Barre! We know…traffic sucks (but seriously…), your kids pick now of all times to need something, your boss really did just walk in as you were preparing to sneak out, and your dog ate your sticky sock. Please know you run the risk of forfeiting your first class if you aren’t early as a late entry doesn’t give us time to provide injury modifications, ensure you are properly set up for class and give you all the attention you deserve!

Barre classes require sticky socks or bare feet (please no regular socks).

Bring water with you to class! No sweat if you forget it as we do sell some in the studio as well. :)

It’s okay to be tucking for two! We do REQUIRE a doctor’s note from all expecting clients to ensure the safety of you and baby to be. We’ve had many expecting moms participate in classes up until their due date and we offer pregnancy modifications for a safe workout throughout your pregnancy.

Wear any athletic clothing you are comfortable in! We recommend pants or shorts that are form fitting and moisture wicking fabrics

Feeling like…all this is great BUT I haven’t workout in years…? Don’t worry! There is no time like the present to start! Our classes are designed to provide an effective workout for a variety of fitness levels. We will make sure you are properly set up and explain some of the lingo prior to the start of class. The instructor will cue harder and easier options throughout class to aid in adjusting the workout to your individual level. And seriously don’t worry about what others around you are doing during class! This is your hour and your time to focus just on you!

You are welcome to bring your infant to a BYOB Barre Class! Yup that's right! This class is our signature Tone Barre class but with the option to BYOB [Bring Your Own Baby]. Anyone (baby or no baby) can take this class as it is the exact same as every other Barre class on our schedule with the only difference being that moms with non-mobile infants (birth to pre-crawling) are welcome to either wear their baby or have their baby next to them in a carrier during class. For anyone Bringing Your Own Baby, please note that infants MUST be non-mobile (secured in a car seat, carrier, worn, etc.,). Crawling, walking, etc., is unfortunately not permitted. Please note that strollers will NOT be allowed onto the workout area so please plan accordingly. Lastly bringing a baby ONLY applies to classes marked BYOB on our schedule. We are thrilled to offer this option to help new moms get back into a fitness routine!


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